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Marvel’s biggest secret is how they make Robert Downey Jr. appear taller than he actually is…




RDJ is 5’ 8½”

Gwyneth (5’ 9”) and we know she is wearing killer heels ALL the time


Chris (6’ 0½”)



Problem solved.


I think I just bloody died scrolling down and seeing rdj wearing heels.

always reblog rdj in his hooker heels


Loki was never Odin’s son.

Loki was never Laufey’s son.

But Loki has and always will be Frigga’s son.

Types of kisses and their meaning


Forehead: Friendship
Closed Eyelids: Thankfulness
Tip of nose: Good luck
Cheek: Happy to see you
Lips: Love
Earlobe/Neck: “I want you”, Lust, Desire
Top of hand: Respect, loyalty
Computer screen: I love you but I can’t ever have you (because you’re not real) 

Hey, I love your guy's work and can't wait for the game to come out! Also, is it horrible if when I read a previous question about spiders my first thought was "Maker, no... dragon spiders..."


Hmm. Dragon spiders, you say?

I’ll have to mention that one to the artists.

girl, you should know what you're falling for.
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Foodfight animation: before and after the tape theft.

Oh, what could have been.

Also Cheasel was absolutely f**king terrifying in the original trailer

He was always absolutely fucking terrifying let’s be honest


i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me


Thanks, Bioware, for ruining real life relationships for me with your damned high bar of swoon-worthy romances.


COUNTDOWN TO SEASON 12: a gifset per episode

→ season 5, episode 5: the grif reaper